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Why be quiet? An understory conversation

Charlotte Gann and I have been talking/writing about this writing and project, and the result is published here.

Thanks to Charlotte for her time, insight and interest. It's been a pleasure.

Here's a taste:

Charlotte: 'I can see why the blog form seems right: changing and developing, the variety of entries, and the opening up of conversation. A vehicle to talk about something we don’t – dementia – from your own lived experience, as it unfolds.

This seems pioneering, to me. You’re mapping territory?

Perhaps we can’t do a lot, necessarily, each one of us, but peg out our tent on the side of a snowy mountain. Say "Here I am"; invite others to reply "Hello", or "I’m here too"… Isn’t that really something? (Why be quiet?)'

Click the button to read the rest...

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