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New day

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

A new year - a new day is enough to be going on with.

Another stepping stone in this change-river,

another noticing in another moment.

The patches I'm using give me polka-dot skin,

strong dreams and stunning headaches.

But my mind's clearer and I'm surer

of the day's tasks and pleasures.

More alert, more creative, more here.

Though time slips by, friendly and kind.

Three months' immersion in the dementia world,

learning, navigating, meeting a new tribe

who live well with dementia and work towards change.

I'm dipping a toe into this new river, helping where I can.

Other identities have come and gone, other selves known.

This is only a new place to discover.

I've made decisions about my future, and put them into place.

I've made life simpler, less stressful.

The quiet and peace of my home

The friends and family who are around.

The Japanese jacket, and the stitchings

to embellish it.

This writing.

Touched by it all.

Cut back on ambitions and resolutions.

Life hasn't stopped.

I still read and write and think and talk.

I love so much and so many.

I speak out more, and there's so much

in the world that needs to be said and heard.

Why be quiet?

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Jan 01, 2023

I enjoyed your post Maxine, thank you. Never be quiet.

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