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It's in our hands

Updated: Jun 1

Thanks to Julie for this image - right now it's easy to feel alienated from what's going on in the world. Such a reminder not to hide or give up.

The petition, getting away, having my Facebook page hacked by a scammer - it's been a bit hectic here.

This morning the group working together on The Long Goodbye petition met, and came to some

creative places about where we go now. I appreciate our work together so much, and this small piece is coming to a completion. This post is about where we are.

  • The Alzheimer’s Society has withdrawn The Long Goodbye from tv programmes, at least temporarily. 

  • Their CEO has had to publicly acknowledge the pain they have caused. 

  • The petition has over 1770 signatures. Unfortunately the Alzheimer’s Society has declined to accept its presentation. 

  • The Advertising Standards Authority is investigating the ad, which could make its withdrawal permanent. They are seeing if it fits their ruling that ‘distressing, offensive and irresponsible’ advertising is not allowed. Their decision to do this was created by all of us who made a complaint to them, and it is no small matter. The outcome will be published on their website at some point soon. 

  • A number of dementia organisations and charities have written to the Alzheimer’s Society, expressing their discomfort. 

  • People have contacted the Charity Commission, the Advertising Standards Authority, MPs and others with influence and power. 

  • We have all extended our actions and communications across the dementia community and beyond. We want the people who feel hopeless and afraid since the distribution of The Long Goodbye to know: none of us is alone.

So where now? We’ve agreed to wind up the petition soon, and we want to complete the work as far as we can, with your support. There are so many powerful comments you have made on the petition, comments from many different voices and perspectives. Our aim now is to collect your comments into a free e-booklet, with actionable ideas, reliable sources of information and suggestions of how to take this forward: we can continue to show We Are Still Alive. 

We’d love to hear more of your feelings, thoughts and experiences. Please send us a comment or an image, an idea, a wish, a gratitude or a longing. 


We can enable change, and support each other to take our own steps in our own way. 

Thank you

We’re stronger together, and acting together gives each of us strength. 

Maxine Linnell, Kate White, Carol Sargent, Julie Hayden.

Please email any comments or images to by 14th June


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