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A DEEP group

As part of Alzheimer's action week, Ben Jackson from Radio Leicester visited our small Deep group in Quorn. You can find the two five minute recordings from his visit here, do have a listen.

The first is 2 hours 10 minutes in, the second is 3 hours 40 minutes in. Thanks to everyone for taking part.

This is DEEP, the Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Network. If you haven't come across the UK DEEP network before, there are around 100 groups across the country, where those of us living with dementia support each other. Our new local group meets fortnightly; the people living with dementia spend time together, and so do the people who support and care for us. Then we meet up as a whole group. The DEEP network and the people I've met there have saved my sanity this last year or so. I mean that literally.

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