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Hartland Quay is beyond photography.

When I lived nearby, I swam twice a day

in warmer times.

Writing about one thing evokes much more.

The photo is a fragment of the Japanese-

style coat I'm making, piece by piece.

This one with love to Joni Mitchell,

whose songs reflected and created

those times.


Sea nibbles sand, the beach disappears.

Dark rocks take on a deep shine.

Piles of swimwear, sandals and towels

escape to pub or car, one bright ball left.

Pebbles rattle underwater like breaths,

replace themselves to suit the times.

They answer to the waves, no choice,

sigh, split, leave grains behind and land.

The beach is empty now. There’s sea,

rocks and sky towering overhead.

The wind catches a yell, a laugh,

the lightest breath, throws them

towards life.

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