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Forward with dementia

I've been volunteering for some research work, doing questionnaires and interviews, and on Monday I talked to Claudio Di Lorito, at University College London,

about the new international website for people who have just been diagnosed with dementia.

He asked me to write something for the site, and here it is:

I sometimes wander in the internet, peering round virtual doors. Today it was a dementia conference last year, where Professor Sube Banerjee of Plymouth presented on agitation and people in dementia. I've always been wary of labelling signs of distress or agitation as 'symptoms'. It's all too easy to ignore the source, human experience and need.

His research findings show that medication has no positive impact on agitation, wandering or other 'dementia behaviours'. What helps is person-centred care, listening and attention. Who would have thought it?

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Mar 04, 2023

Thank you Maxine for setting down your thoughts and experience so clearly and eloquently. I very much like the organisations title ‘Forward with dementia’ It is so positive. Your words will be an inspiration for many. Chris x

Maxine Linnell
Maxine Linnell
Mar 18, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Chris.


Well, there's a surprise! Not.

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