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fish strawberry wasp

This lovely pot was made by Roderick Hill in response to fish strawberry wasp. And the poem was written many years ago, about Joy Allen.

I'm 75 today, and I'm doing what feels right. This feels right.

fish strawberry wasp

Up to her knickers in stream

she fished for tadpoles

through bent light

carried them home

by a string handle

to free in the garden pond.


she picked



boiled up

packed in

sealed with gingham covers

to spread

on scones.

Calling for help

that didn’t come

her hand shaking

till the jar might crack

she trapped a wasp

against the kitchen window.

Could it sting

through glass?

This summer

jam jars

lie empty in the shed


loaded with dust.

She is lost for words.

The simple ones –



wasp –

slip down

too deep for catching.

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27 may 2023

A very lovely poem and a belated Happy Birthday Maxine. XXX

Me gusta

I remember this poem very well. I can’t believe it’s 15 years since your 60th!

Me gusta
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